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Pixel Scrapper Commons

Hi everyone!  I’m going to be taking a break from posting here on the blog for a while.  Instead, I’ve joined the Commons over at Pixel Scrapper and I’d love for you to join in over there and see what’s there to be seen!  In addition to the amazing professional designers they have over there, they’ve opened up the Commons where others can post their creations for others to download.  I decided to do my future freebies over there, because, why not?? 🙂  Hop on over and check it out!  I will likely post something here from time to time, but I’ll be focusing on the Commons from now on.

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April Plans

The Be Bright kit is finished now, unless I decide to come up with something else, and I just haven’t had time to do anything for the April PixelScrapper train.  I’m taking this week off from posting a freebie because my kids have had spring break and I’ve had that lovely springtime sinus nonsense I get every year, and simply haven’t felt like doing it.  Plus, I’ve been binge-re-watching Downton Abbey, which has taken up my free time! 🙂

I do have a freebie for next week, it’s an older element pack that I’m turning into a freebie, and the week after that there’ll be a new paper pack.

In other news, I’m now an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories!  I’m very excited about this.  It’s a wonderful jewelry company, and EVERY ITEM is just $5!  If you’re interested in checking out some of the amazing pieces we have available, please visit my site at 🙂

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January 2017 Pixel Scrapper Blog Train: The Guys

Hi everyone!  I didn’t have much time in December to get this done, so I just put together a quick batch of mostly-solid papers in the color theme for the month.  I didn’t make a bonus, either – just no time! 😦

Here’s the preview, just click it to download – or if that doesn’t work, click HERE. 🙂

I am  closing down the Facebook group and just putting everything on the blog.  To be honest, I’m just not as enamored with designing anymore, I’m in school full-time, and my other craft business is doing much better than my design business!  I’ll still be posting lots of freebies for blog trains, and I plan to put some of my items that never sold well on here as freebies, as well.  It’ll be a slow process, but eventually the blog will be PACKED with goodies.

It’s also very likely that I will be integrating my personal blog with this one… it includes chit-chat about homeschooling, my wax and candle business, miscellaneous ramblings, and other things.  It’s a pain maintaining two different blogs, and if I’m no longer going to be trying to project a professional persona, I might as well be myself! 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

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Book Review: Trouble by Non Pratt


My 13-year-old daughter inadvertently checked out this book from the teen section of our public library (it has a different cover at our library, without sperm everywhere) thinking it would be a nice novel about friendship.  After the first few pages, she was horrified and quit reading it because she was bothered by all the sex and alcohol mentioned (though she should’ve expected some of it, since it did say in the blurb that it was about a pregnant 15-year-old).  So, I decided to read it.  And… wow.  I am thankful that my daughter wants nothing to do with people like the ones in this book.  These are horrible children, neglectful parents, and just… bad bad bad.  It’s full of British slang, which J didn’t understand, which is actually good, because I don’t necessarily want her knowing some of those terms.  So overall… bad.  Just bad.  Not teen appropriate.  Do teenagers really act like this?  If so… I am sad for our world.

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Summer School

I must admit, my personal blogging will be limited for the next couple of years… I think.  I have gone back to school full time in an effort to find a better job, and this isn’t leaving me much time for anything other than studying.  I haven’t managed to read a book for fun since the last book review I wrote, and I don’t foresee having time for it again for quite a while.  I’ve been working on my digital scrapbooking designs when I have time, and making soaps and wax melts to prepare for the fall craft fairs, but reading isn’t really on the radar.

School is interesting.  I’m not the oldest one in my classes, which kind of surprised me, but I’m actually right in the middle of the group.  There’s definitely an age gap between us all, though – there are the “kids” and the “old people.”  The “kids…” they’re an interesting group.  Most of them seem genuinely interested in the subject matter and are working hard, but one or two… I want to smack them.  If I ever found out either of my kids acted the way these little shits do in a classroom, there would be some major consequences.  However, I’m enjoying being back into the learning zone, and I finished my first class with a 98%.  I’m doing well in the current one, as well.  It ends next week, then I get a lengthy two-week break before starting back up with four courses in the fall.

Wish me luck!

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And then it was March

So yeah… months have passed again.

We finished the ADHD diagnosis process with my son and he was diagnosed with it.  Then second grade ended and he got a new teacher for third grade and… it’s gone.  I am now strongly, and I do mean STRONGLY believing that his problems were all due to a teacher who picked and nagged on every little thing he did. His teacher this year actually told us he doesn’t show any signs that she’s aware of, and she doesn’t have time to mess with nagging and picking like the previous year’s teacher did.  Huh.  Fascinating.

  • I started designing scrapbook stuff again.
  • I’ve added wax melts to the soap company and they’re selling better than the soap.
  • I’ve got my first completionist in DDO!
  • I’m now diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
  • We’re actually going to take a small vacation this year!!

And… that’s all for now.  I’ll be back in a few months, I suppose.

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Just a quick update

My father passed away on September 4. I am still dealing with this. It was unexpected, and the whole family is still devastated. But we are strong people, and we are coping.

In other news, I restarted my soap-making company I had been working on back in 2007/8. I closed down for a while, because we moved across the state and I sold/donated all my supplies. But I missed it. And since I have completely lost all interest in digital scrapbooking design (selling at MyMemories seems to do that to a lot of designers, but my Etsy shop is still open), I have time now to devote to soaping again!

So, I’ll be at Oakville High School, for their Oakville Band Parents Association Craft Fair, this Saturday and Sunday, December 6-7. It starts at 9 on Saturday, 10 on Sunday, and runs through 4 each day.

Come see us!

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Pain and misery

Tuesday I managed to put my back out.  By standing up from the sofa.  I am still in so much pain I can barely move.  I haven’t gone to the doctor because I’m fairly certain they won’t do anything.

I recently had a dental issue… badly infected tooth with so much pain I was barely functional – couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat.  I couldn’t find anyone who would help me because we don’t have dental insurance and I couldn’t pay a several-hundred dollar bill up front.  I finally found someone who would help but it took two full days of phone calls and begging.  I had to borrow money from my parents.  It sucks.

Anyway, that dental issue led me further down the path of believing that health care people in general really don’t give a shit.  They want money.  They don’t care about patients.  Especially fat patients, but that’s an entirely different rant.  I’m pretty much expecting that if I go to the doctor, they’re going to tell me to lose weight before they’ll do anything at all about my back.  Because obviously, I can lose 100 pounds in a couple of days and relieve the pain.

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Just a little update

I’ve mentioned this before – we have made the decision that our homeschooling journey is over – for now.  The kids will be going to public school in the fall.  In fact, they’re even going to start with the summer program.  Yeah… summer school!  But in a good way?  It looks like, from the program information that we got, it’s mostly just like a day camp rather than a remedial “you suck” kind of summer school, like it was when I was young.  And even if it is, they could probably use it.  I do think J has kept up academically, but she needs the structure and routine that this will provide.  I’m hoping it will be a good thing for both of them.

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I spend a lot of time feeling like crap.  I am very overweight, I have migraines on a regular basis, I have PCOS so my hormones are out of whack, I am probably diabetic, my back hurts all the time, my stomach hurts a lot, and I tend to have problems with my sinuses and ears.

All of that said, I am still able to successfully function… most of the time.  It’s the times that I don’t function well that are starting to take a toll on me, psychologically.  I know I am not being the best mom I could be – I don’t get all the chores done, I don’t spend enough one-on-one time with the kids.  Yes, I’m home with them all day and we interact lots, especially since we have school time, but I don’t feel like I’m able to give 100% because there is always some physical problem distracting me.

I am desperately lonely.  I love my husband and I love my kids and they are wonderful, of course, but I have no real-life friends and it hurts.  I do have some great friends I’ve made online and in the games I play, but I don’t feel like I could call on them if I needed something in the real world – they wouldn’t even know who it was if I called, or wouldn’t recognize me on the street.
For my entire life, I have had a horrible time making and keeping friends.  I never knew what to say or do to fit in, and usually ended up doing or saying the wrong thing, then ending up totally confused and lost when I didn’t understand the reaction people had to what I had said or done.
The few good friendships I did have in high school and into college were disrupted a bit by distance (and lack of email at the time!) but then they were further destroyed by my first husband, who wouldn’t let me do anything without him tagging along… and we’ll just say his friend-making ability was even worse than mine.  I have so many regrets revolving around those years of my life, but there’s nothing I can do now to make it up to anyone.  Everyone has changed so much that I can’t fit back into those relationships.
I have realized over the last few months that I never even figured out who I am and how to be who I want to be… so how could anyone possibly ever want to be a friend of mine?  I spent so much time trying to fit into other people’s molds that I never molded myself, if that makes any sense.  And of course, right now I’m in such a debilitating funk of depression that really, the only thing I can face doing each day is eating and playing computer games.  No wonder I’ve gained almost a hundred pounds since my son was born 5 years ago.  Yeah, I take my zoloft (almost) daily, but it doesn’t seem to do any good.
To roll this back around to homeschooling, which is what this blog is mostly about right now, I see a similar thing in my daughter, never knowing what to say or do and saying or doing the wrong thing.  It absolutely breaks my heart.  Would putting her in public school help?  She would have a wider variety of kids to try to befriend… but then again, I was in public school, too, and where did it get me?  I am hoping that by keeping her home and keeping her from the people who would belittle her every interest, she can figure out who she is and what she is interested in, and become a strong enough person to handle things that I was never able to handle.

I don’t worry yet about my son. That’s a problem for another day… because right now he is a very happy, very sweet, very playful little boy. I still think of him as a baby… he’s 5, but he’s still “in preschool” and he’s my snuggly little critter… I’ll worry another day, because right now he’s happy.