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February Blog Train: Winter Fun

This month’s Pixel Scrapper blog train is all about winter.  As compared to my last few posts, this one is very sedate! 🙂

It’s a batch of 9 papers.  5 of them are fuzzy textured solid colors, and the other 4 are snowflake patterns.

Click the image to download!

** And please remember, I won’t be posting a Be Bright freebie on Friday, because one a week is enough. 😉

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50% Off Sale @ MyMemories

I’ve already let you know I’m leaving the designing-for-sale world, BUT, in the meantime, grab what you can at MyMemories while it’s cheap!  I will probably eventually be releasing all of this as freebies, but if I do it at the pace of an item or two a month… it could be a while before you see it on here. 😉  So, grab what you can now!  The papers are as low as 50% a pack and the most expensive thing in my shop is just $4.50 for a bundle.

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New Freebie Series: Be Bright – Dot Papers, Part 1

I got started on a new kit a few days ago and I just took off with it. The colors are insane – almost garish, but I LOVE them, so I couldn’t stop making things.

Here’s a preview of what the entire thing will look like when it’s done:

And I’ll be putting up a new part every Friday until I’m done, except for the first weeks of February and March, because those will be Blog Train weeks. 🙂

Here’s the first installment, a batch of relatively simple dotted papers.

Sorry, the download is expired.  This kit is now available in my Etsy shop.

If you like these, please leave a comment!  If you use them, I’d love to see what you make!

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January 2017 Pixel Scrapper Blog Train: The Guys

Hi everyone!  I didn’t have much time in December to get this done, so I just put together a quick batch of mostly-solid papers in the color theme for the month.  I didn’t make a bonus, either – just no time! 😦

Here’s the preview, just click it to download – or if that doesn’t work, click HERE. 🙂

I am  closing down the Facebook group and just putting everything on the blog.  To be honest, I’m just not as enamored with designing anymore, I’m in school full-time, and my other craft business is doing much better than my design business!  I’ll still be posting lots of freebies for blog trains, and I plan to put some of my items that never sold well on here as freebies, as well.  It’ll be a slow process, but eventually the blog will be PACKED with goodies.

It’s also very likely that I will be integrating my personal blog with this one… it includes chit-chat about homeschooling, my wax and candle business, miscellaneous ramblings, and other things.  It’s a pain maintaining two different blogs, and if I’m no longer going to be trying to project a professional persona, I might as well be myself! 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

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After all this time…

.. E is now having his turn at being homeschooled.  After a bit of a battle over ADHD and a wishy-washy teacher who wanted to do behavior charts instead of disciplining a rambunctious little boy, it’s time to bring him home and fix him here instead of letting the public school system continue to wreak havoc with him.

Luckily, J is still doing fairly well in PS and has no interest whatsoever in coming back home to be educated.  That’ll make it easier to work with E.  Plus, I’m in school full-time so I’ll be able to work on my assignments while he works on his.  Bonus!

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December 2016 Pixel Scrapper Blog Train: At the Table

This month’s blog train theme is holiday dinners – at least, that’s how I interpreted “At the Table.”  I’ve got an alphabet for you on the blog this time, and there’s a small paper pack in the Facebook group.  Plus, I loved working with these colors, so the complete kit is also available in my shop over at MyMemories.

Blog Freebie, click the image or HERE:


** I am closing down the Facebook group, so I’ve just posted the link for the “Facebook” freebie here instead.  Thanks to everyone who joined the group!


Thanks for stopping by today and if you enjoy your freebies, I’d love to see what you do with it!  Post in the Facebook group or the Pixel Scrapper gallery and let me know!