What is going on here??

orca-image-1482700406692.jpg_1482700406912This blog used to house just my digital scrapbooking designs.  However, I have also maintained a personal rambling blog for a long time, and I finally decided that since I’m very limited on time, I’m going to combine the two blogs.  I will still be offering digital scrapbooking freebies for download, but I’m also going to ramble nonsensically about my life.  If that turns you away from being interested in my freebies, I apologize – but since it’s MY blog, I have to run it the way that’s most beneficial for ME.  That may include posting about politics, religion, homeschool, life, my kids, news, or silly photos like the one that Facebook Messenger did to me on Christmas Eve (wow, those glasses!).

Disclosure:  There are a few affiliate links in the sidebars and once in a while in the posts.  I have a Swagbucks link, and a Paparazzi Accessories link.  There might be others that I have forgotten about.  If I try to sell you something in a post, I will note that there’s an affiliate link in it.  I no longer have the ability to link via Amazon – they don’t like Missouri.